DeIntra lauches ‘Start Up’ called Online-Concerts

The label DeIntra is behind the concept of Due to the Corona Pandemic of 2020 many musicians have been faced with event cancellations which have threatened their economic existence. The idea to provide personalised online concerts for people at home was born from the health crisis however DeIntra believes that this is a business which can also thrive when things go back to normal. There are many people who like to listen to live music and enjoy shows who can’t get out for whatever reason (health, finances etc…). Sometimes people just enjoy being home – Online Concerts is tailored for them. Via video call the client can interact with the musician and has the whole world as a pool of artists to choose from, any genre is possible. Booking an Online Concert is a great highlight for any event or party – just imagine seeing your favourite musicians live on the television (beamed for example via laptop) and they are playing just for you! Online Concerts is also guaranteed to be a much cheaper alternative to booking musicians who are physically present and YOU have control over the volume! You want to dance or just talk during the performance? No problem!

For more information or to book an act contact us here.

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